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 Fun Arts Afterschool is a fun and creative workshop that introduces students, ages 9-13 and 14-17, to multiple areas of the Arts.  FAA kids participate in a curriculum that includes: acting for film, script writing, storyboarding, audition skills, and more. FAA teens create segments for the Teen DVD and gain hands-on experience with acting for film, directing, camera/lights, video production, and editing. 

Fun Arts Afterschool is a creative organization that uses multiple areas of the Arts to educate adolescents and provide mentorship to teens. All students gain experience with acting-on-film and they have the opportunity to showcase their talents in the upcoming Fun Arts Afterschool TV Show or Teen DVD.

Honorable Mention - "No Bullying"

Honorable Mention - "No Bullying"

Kids Workshops Info

From beginner to advanced and everything in between, there’s a place for all students in our kids workshops. Students learn script writing, character development, improve, audition skills, and much more. 

  • Acting for Film
  • TV Show

Teen Workshops Info

Whether receiving up-front instruction for acting in film and improv, or by gaining hands-on learning with videography and editing, our teen workshops give your student the tools to create a unique, personal project.

  • Filmmaking
  • Teen DVD


What We Create: FAA Workshop students create and star in segments for the upcoming local kids TV Show and Teen DVD. 

Mission: Fun Arts Afterschool is committed to incorporating the Arts into education, using tactile activities, expression, and humor as learning tools.

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